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3D Platform Roadshow, Seeing is Believing

Burton Precision is bringing the 3D Platform Roadshow to our customers during the month of August.  The attendees are experiencing the latest Large Format 3D Printer (1 meter x 1 meter x 0.5 meter build area) from 3D Platform which is fully functional for a complete and informative demonstration during our visit to their facility.


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Let Us Bring the 3DP Roadshow to You

Markforged Drone Case Study


With the Markforged, we’re able to change what kind of a fiber we put in the polymer, which let us change the characteristics of the part …

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Markforged Drone Case Study BP

Envisiontec Hole-in-One: Cleveland Golf Case Study


Cleveland Golf, founded as Cleveland Classics in 1979, has come a long way since the days of producing replica golf clubs...


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Envisiontec Hole-in-One: Cleveland Golf Case Study BP

Burton Precision
3D Prints
U of M Human Powered Submarine 


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U of M Human Powered Submarine

Burton Precision 3D Prints
Heart Model


Nicholas Borgman holds the 3D model of his heart that surgeons used to prepare for an August procedure to repair the pulmonary artery that was leaking blood back into his heart. “I can’t believe that’s what my heart looks like,” said Nicholas. (Chris Clark | Spectrum Health Beat)

Kreon’s Products Helpful For Heritage 3D Scanning


The Weeping Bridge was recently part of an ambitious heritage preservation program using Ace 7 axes measuring arm and Zephyr II 3D laser scanner.


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Bangkok Weeping Bridge preservation