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ETEC offers a variety of 3D printing systems with the ability to mass produce polymer parts with the speed and quality needed for demanding end-use applications. ETEC printers deliver parts with exceptional accuracy, superior part properties, fine feature detail, and smooth surface finish at a scale and cost that is competitive with traditional manufacturing techniques like injection molding.


Xtreme 8K

The largest size production-grade DLP 3D printer in the world (1) for high-volume production of end-use parts.


The Xtreme 8K makes volume production of 3D-printed parts a reality, with the ability to print thousands of parts per day. With wide material compatibility, including hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, elastomers and rubbers, the Xtreme 8K enables the production of the broadest possible range of parts.

The Xtreme 8K leverages long-chain polymer chemistry to create fully-isotropic, stable, end-use parts, and features a heated vat, allowing users to process highly viscous and solid materials at room temperatures.

Build Envelope (L x W x H) 17.72 x 14.61 x 15.71"


The Envision One cDLM delivers best in class part resolution and accuracy to print incredibly crisp features and hold tightest tolerances.

DLP is known for having incredibly high resolution parts and the EnvisionONE CDLM takes accuracy to new heights. 

By using industrial DLP chips, verus cheaper consumer grade chips, and a custom designed optical train enable high contrast and minimal distortion for the projected picture resulting in accuracy down to the micron level.

The cDLM domeless printing process eliminates the “dome” effect to deliver incredible Z accuracy.

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