KSCAN-Magic Composite 3D Scanner

KSCAN-Magic Upgrade Series, the cutting-edging composite 3D scanner that integrates infrared and blue lasers in one versatile instrument, caters to diverse applications. This composite 3D scanner boasts five standard operating modes: large-area scanning with parallel infrared lasers, ultra-fast scanning with blue laser crosses, hyperfine scanning with blue parallel lasers, deep-hole scanning with a single blue laser, and a built-in large-area photogrammetry system.

Our innovative 3D scanner series incorporates a multi-spectrum 3D scanning and calibration technique, combining exceptional efficiency and uncompromising accuracy. It features fast scanning speed, high accuracy, great detail capturing, large scanning area, and extended depth-of-field that greatly optimize the 3D measurement workflows and accelerate the product time-to-market.

Technical Specifications

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