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For more than 25 years, the Kreon company has implemented advanced technologies and manufactured systems with high quality materials. We control the assembly process of our products and calibrate them at every stage. We are committed to providing our customers with solutions in aiming to help them to decrease production costs and time, to increase efficiency and to control their processes.

Due to the KREON 3D scanners standard connections, we are sure to have a solution that is compatible with your needs, and existing systems.

All our scanners can be used with Kreon Ace and Kreon Baces Arms, as well as with most other CMMs of the market today.

We offer a range of scanners that are also compatible with CMM’s, CNC machines or robots.



Onyx: the new Kreon measuring arm

9 years after the launch of the first Ace measuring arm, Kreon is innovating and unveiling the new Onyx measuring arm. With its completely new product architecture, the Onyx measuring arm is packed full of innovations.



Skyline is the only Kreon scanners range fully integrated to Ace 7 axis measuring arm.

The laser line width and the speed of the Skyline 3D scanner enable to digitize any part in record time. Its high resolution detects the smallest details of the most complex parts. Being perfectly integrated with Ace measuring arm, the Skyline 3D scanner is ergonomic, perfect for scanning effortlessly.



The most accurate

Dedicated to high accuracy and resolution scanning on small geometries.
No detail can escape it: engraving, drilling, part edge, grooves, etc.

The fastest

With a 150mm laser line, it scans the largest parts in record time.
Ideal for full surface inspection: deformation, assembly, wear, etc.


Zenith Software

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