Great Lakes CT Inspection is an affiliate of Burton Precision and provides the best in

X-RAY and CT Scanners

Industrial X-ray and CT systems bring high accuracy and the ability to measure internal and external dimensions simultaneously without destroying the part. They provide additional insight through the fourth dimension of material density and structure, rapidly making X-ray technology a must-have tool in the production toolbox.

Anywhere the internal structure matters, X-ray and CT technology serves as an efficient tool to provide valuable information. Detailed capture and measurement of internal features is often vital for quality control, failure analysis and material research across various industries.

  • Fault detection and failure analysis

  • Assembly inspection of complex mechanisms

  • Dimensional measurement of internal components

  • Part-to-CAD comparison

  • Advanced material research

  • Analysis of the biological structures

  • Digital archiving of models


With all Great Lakes CT systems you can:


  • Verify complex internal structures

  • Isolate and inspect included components

  • Measure internal dimensions without sectioning the sample

  • Automatically detect and measure internal voids/volumes

  • Reveal internal and external surfaces with ease

  • Reduce total inspection time

  • Reduce number of iterations to fine-tune (pre-) production parameter