P4 Standard LED Series

The Perfactory 4 Standard LED Series uses a custom LED light system. This new LED system is more powerful and efficient than other light projector systems on the market. As such, it offers a variety of benefits, such as lower operating costs and crisper black-white contrast between pixels, which means even better final part detail.

  • LED outperforms the original P4 UHP light source in cost savings and has an estimated life expectancy of 10,000 hours

  • Economic material use with no vat

  • Minimized components make the system user serviceable

  • Low acquisition costs

  • Delivered and installed with all relevant software to enable automatic support generation and perfect model production

  • Material changeover can be done quickly and easily

  • Footprint (L x W x H): 73 x 48 x 135 cm (29 x 19 x 53 in.)

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