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Scantech is one of the earliest high-tech companies starting to research and develop handheld 3D visual measurement devices across the world.

Scantech products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions, serving over 5000 enterprises. The presence of our distributors and international sales and technical support teams has been expanded all across the globe, providing industrial frontier 3D measurement solutions for prominent enterprises and research institutions like Boeing, NASA, COMAC, BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Apple, Siemens, JCB and Sany.


Scantech has been gaining rapid growth ever since its establishment due to our continuous input in R&D and management, as well as the attraction of top-notched talents. R&D personnel account for 45% of the company staff, among them, the proportion of masters and doctors is as high as 60%. The talent pool enables us to develop a series of proprietary 3D digital measurement systems.

Scantech product line stretches from metrology-grade online and offline equipment and consumer-grade color 3D scanners, which are widely applied in areas of aerospace, automotive/rail transport, mechanical manufacturing, medical care and rehabilitation, digital arts for TV and film, education and research, cultural heritage protection, 3D printing and VR/AR. Scantech helps companies fulfill optimized solutions to quality and efficiency and open up a vast territory for 3D digitization.



SIMSCAN, the only palm-sized portable 3D scanner in the market so far, is specially designed for 3D scanning narrow and hard-to-reach areas. Featuring full-metal housing, it is incredibly sturdy and reliable. SIMSCAN has become a disruptive innovation among professional 3D scanners due to its compact size, simplicity and robust performance. Its cutting-edge design also wins itself German Red Dot Award and China Design Silver Award.

SIMSCAN performs high-quality 3D scanning regardless of any restrictions from the working environment. It is ideal for 3D scanning both narrow spaces and large-scale parts. Users can accurately capture every detail of objects and construct 3D models in a very short amount of time with the help of this metrology-grade 3D measurement instrument.


Trackscan Optical Tracker

TrackScan-P42 3D system adopts intelligent optical tracking measurement technology and high-quality optical equipment. It carries out ultra-high precision dynamic 3D measurement without markers. This 3D portable cmm scanner is widely applied to quality control, product development, reverse engineering, etc.

By freely switching between multiple working modes, TrackScan-P42 caters to different scanning situations. Three scanning modes enable a variety of scene scans.

This optical 3D scanner can be paired with wireless T-Probe (portable CMM) to conduct flexible measurements and deliver high-precision 3D data. Gaps, holes, grooves and complex surface are no longer a challenge for manufacturers and engineers. TrackScan-P series of optical 3D scanner can also be mounted onto a robot-arm to realize intelligent and automated 3D inspection.

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K-Scan Magic 

KSCAN-Magic series of 3D laser scanners is the first that combines infrared and blue lasers into one single instrument. It offers five standard working modes: large-area scanning (globally initiative infrared laser), fast scanning (blue laser crosses), fine scanning (blue parallel laser), deep-hole scanning (single blue laser), and built-in photogrammetry system. With two sets of high-definition industrial cameras, it can conduct 3D scanning meticulously.

These portable 3D laser scanners have a revolutionary breakthrough in performance. Its unparalleled scanning speed, accuracy, scanning area, and depth of field greatly optimize the 3D measurement workflows and accelerate the product time-to-market. To obtain data on hard-to-reach or complex surfaces, KSCAN-Magic series can be paired with a portable CMM K-Probe, providing a comprehensive 3D digital solution for precision measurement.


Work Seamlessly with Production Line

Based on automatic optical tracking and seamlessly integrated into the production line, it is designed for online automated inspection and enhances the iterative efficiency of the production process greatly.

Multiple Configurations

Conjunction with the handheld 3D scanner, portable CMM, MSCAN photogrammetry system, rotary platforms, and guide rails, realize simultaneous optical tracking and scanning and personalized solutions.

Speed up Precise Inspection

With the adoption of blue laser and synchronous tracking technologies, it reaches up to 1,900,000 measurements/s and an accuracy of 0.025 mm. Efficient and flexible automated manufacturing can be achieved without being affected by external factors.

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