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Accelerate Quality Inspection Through Laser Scanning

For more than 25 years, Nikon’s pioneering and class-leading 3D laser scanners, whether fully automated or operated manually, have enabled rapid digitisation of parts by optically capturing millions of high-precision points. They reduce inspection time and offer greater insight for applications such as dimensional metrology and reverse engineering.



Measurements at the Highest Accuracy Level

Thanks to custom-designed, top quality Nikon optics, the LC15Dx captures the smallest details with very high precision while maintaining speed and data quality. It does this by optimising the laser settings in real time to match the type and reflectivity of the material being inspected.

Multi-Sensor CMM

In combination with a tactile probe, the LC15Dx creates a versatile, multi-sensor CMM, with fully automatic sensor exchange using an optional probe change rack.



Various Measuring Applications with a Wide FOV

The iNEXIV VMA series provides three types of measurement envelope together with wide field of view optics. These touch probe-ready systems are ideal for a wide variety of industrial measurement, inspection and quality control applications using both vision and tactile measurement.

The VMA series is optimised for speed and ease-of-use as well as repeatable, accurate measurement of a variety of different components.

The NEXIV VMZ-S series offers speed and accuracy where high throughput is critical.



Versatile microfocus CT systems for high-resolution inspection in R&D and failure analysis of components ranging from tiny plastic connectors up to aluminium castings.

Unique 450 kV microfocus X-ray solution for high-resolution inspection of large and dense components like parts produced by metal additive manufacturing, turbine blades and large castings.

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