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APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Machine


APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe is an affordable CNC type lathe that can machine ALUMINUM, STAINLESS STEEL, ALLOY STEEL, TITANIUM (Grade 5), BRONZE, BRASS, DELRIN (ACETAL), and other materials with high precision. It is a complete, ready-to-run, and affordable CNC lathe that includes the embedded PC, keyboard, pendant and a mist system.

starter kit is available with multiple items included.   


  • 31" (D) by 14" (W) machine base footprint
  • Required space for placing the machine is about 40” (D) by 22” (W)
  • Approximate weight: 150 lbs
  • 120V standard wall outlet with proper grounding 
  • PC, keyboard, and pendant are included
  • Low energy Blue LED lighting in the machining area for visibility
  • APSX CNC software is installed (easy to read user interface)
  • USB memory stick is used for loading g-code files on the control panel
  • Adjustable mist (coolant) on the point of machining
  • Hard anodized casting tool plate aluminum construction
  • Polycarbonate safety shield
  • Sliding cover to access to barstock area

Workpiece (Bar Stock)

  • Standard bar diameter is 0.50 inches and 1/2 inches guidebushing is included with the machine 
  • Max bar diameter is 0.75 inches (0.75", 0.625", 0.375" and 0.25" guide bushings and couplings are sold separately)
  • Precision ground bar diameter tolerance -0.0005"-0" preferred.
  • Straightness Tolerance 0.01" per ft. suggested
  • Max bar length to install: 20” (Machinable length: 17”)

Spindle and Motors

  • Main servo motor (Teknic) spindle RPM is 1800 and power is 300W - 0.43 degrees resolution and 0.03 degrees repeatability. Guide bushing runout accuracy .0003" or less.
  • 2000 - 10000 RPM Pressured Air-Chilled 500W Live Tool Spindles (2) with ER11 collets (1/4" and 1/8" 2 flute end mills) - 80PSI shop air with 0.25" female coupler required
  • Three NEMA23 stepper motors with a rapid speed of 90 IPM on X, Y and Z axes
  • Stepper repeat accuracy at no load (+/- 0.0002") and achievable machining accuracy less than 0.0005"


  • Number of external (OD) tool slots: 6 (12mm X 12mm profile)
  • Number of internal ID tool slots: 5 (ID tool holders are 16mm diameter)
  • The distance from the ID tool rack to guide bushing plate is 4.5 inches

APSX CNC Software


APSX-NANO uses the APSX CNC lathe software. You can find a sample g-code file below for download.

  • Work offsets and manual controls 
  • Cycle controls such as RUN, ABORT and feed rate (override) limit 
  • g-code and MDI control commands
  • DRO panel and file management




Embedded computer inside the control panel


Control pendant

APSX CNC software

1/2in guidebushing installed

1ft workpiece, 2 OD tools (threading and grooving), 3 OD tool holders and 3 ID tool holders

**The monitor and the stand can be ordered as accessorial items. They are not part of the standard package. 


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High precision, rigid and portable desktop CNC milling machine for metals. The APSX Spyder can mill aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, delrin, wood and plastics with high precision. The 4th axis is available as an option. Made in the USA






  • 20" X 12" X 4" (508 mm X 304.8 mm X 101.6 mm) X, Y, Z travel (build volume)
  • 30" (D) by 23" (W) (762 mm X 584.2 mm) machine base footprint, 16” (H) (406.4 mm) height
  • Required space for placing the machine is about 35” (D) by 27” (W) (889 mm X 685.8 mm)
  • 2000 - 20000 RPM Pressured Air-Chilled 800W Spindle
  • 120V standard wall outlet with proper grounding (8A peak)
  • Steel shafts and hard anodized aluminum construction
  • PC, keyboard and pendant are included
  • free SPYDER CNC software is installed
  • Overload Protection with Auto-Stop and stall detection with instant stop features
  • Up to 144 IPM [inch per minute]
  • Repeat accuracy at no load +/- 0.0002" (+/- 0.005 mm) and achievable machining accuracy +/- 0.001" (+/- 0.025 mm) or better.
  • Adjustable mist amount via user interface
  • 1/4" end mill is included for ER11 collet
  • Approximate weight: 150 lbs
  • Optional stand is available as an accessory
  • 4th axis optional configuration is available

Let us know how we can help. Request a demonstration, more info and/or a formal quote. 

Please be specific in the "Message" section on what you are looking for...