P4 Standard XL

The P4 Standard XL boasts the largest build size of EnvisionTEC’s DLP 3D printers at up to 5293 cubic cm (323 cubic in.) with a resolution as low as 50 µm (0.0020 in.). This 3D printer is also capable of speeds up to 25 mm (0.98 in.) in height per hour without sacrificing exceptional surface finish.

  • Build speed in constant through the build

  • Economic material use with no vat

  • Very few moving parts and minimal consumable components make the system user serviceable

  • Models are suitable for direct manufacturing through rapid casting

  • A choice of high-quality materials readily available

  • Material changeover can be done quickly and easily

  • Footprint (L x W x H): 73 x 48 x 135 cm (29 x 19 x 53 in.)