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Features & Benefits

PolyWorks/InspectorTM (for point cloud inspection) allows you to:
  • Use high-density point clouds of digitized prototype parts & assemblies to quickly identify deformations and to fix problems in the earlier stage of the manufacturing process
  • Approve your manufacturing process by fully inspecting your first-assembled products
  • Monitor the production cycle by automatically measuring the wear of tools and quickly detecting any abrupt degradation in product quality
  • Verify the compliance of final manufactured and assembled products through sample check inspection using automated techniques

PolyWorks/ModelerTM (for reverse engineering) allows you to:

≡ Generate manufacturable class A polygonal models

  • Transform aligned point clouds into highly accurate polygonal models using PolyWorks' unique tolerance-based adaptive meshing technology
  • Reconstruct perfect polygonal features from imperfectly digitized geometry
  • Apply all typical CAD operations directly to polygonal models and prepare these models for a wide variety of manufacturing applications such as milling, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, inspection, CFD & FEA, digital review and so on

≡ Create smooth and logical NURBS surfaces easily editable in CAD software

  • Use automatic feature-tracking tools to quickly create curve networks. Curves can also be extracted interactively using only one mouse click
  • Constrain the automatic surfacing process to predefined curves in order to create more logical curve networks
  • Control the rigidity of the fitted NURBS surfaces, mimicking a sheet metal material for getting super-smooth surfaces without ripples
  • Optimize your subsequent efforts in the downstream CAD application by minimizing the number of control points and patches, increasing the smoothness of patches, and easily creating perfect feature curves