Kreon Ace

Kreon Zephyr 

Kreon Zenith 

Always the best measurement results

  • High accuracy and repeatability.

  • Stable accuracy due to temperature compensation.

  • Axis limits detection to prevent bad using.

  • Immediatly ready to work, no preheating, no target to paste on the part.

  • Robust and suited to most of industrial environments.

  • Compatible with the leading application software of the market.

Zephyr Scanners

The Zephyr III range has been designed to meet growing productivity needs.

Available with a 300mm, 150mm or a 50mm laser lines, the Zephyr III 3D scanners are high end products which can easily scan the most complex parts in record time. Their blue laser lines enable to scan black and glossy surfaces deemed difficult. As versatile product, they cover all measurement needs on CMM and can easily be switched on measuring arm, robot, machine tool and optical tracker.


Software for Kreon measuring arms

Easily manage scanning and probing

Zenith focuses on the essential functions used in most applications for acquisition and 3D measurement of industrial parts. Simple to learn but able to manage dense point clouds and create color mapping, this is Zenith.

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