3D Reverse Engineering Services​

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3D Reverse Engineering Services​

Reverse Engineering involves taking existing physical parts and assemblies and creating CAD models and detailed toleranced drawings.  

Our tools such as Geomagic Design X, Polyworks, Quick Surface and Verisurf provides quick and efficient scan data. The 3D data that is collected and CAD modeled, can be used to troubleshoot, reproduce, study, analyze, inspect, or can be applied to other future applications or product enhancements. 3D CAD models can be easily updated for changes in the product design and/or tool or die design.

Tool and die models can be generated by using the surface models created by our 3D reverse engineering services. As wll, your stamping or injection mold has just broken, we can use our 3D scanning services to digitally fix it using reverse engineering software and have you back up and running in short order.

At Burton Precision, we have been performing reverse engineering services and projects for over 15 years. Our staff of qualified engineers has a depth of experience in these activities and a background in design engineering needed to produce excellent reverse engineered results.

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